What does "noob" mean?

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Melissa Asked: What does "noob" mean?

Everyone's saying that now.. but I have nooo idea what it means…


Jake Answered:
Its calling someone a beginner at something. Like if someone sucks at a game they just bought the other players would probably call them a noob.

Slick like Rick Answered:
It means N0bhead

it means that you are not 1337

Ken Lavallee Answered:
Its slang for Newbie. I believe it originated from The Sims (Original) as there was a family named the Newbies, and thats the family you would start with to learn the basics of the game. That's the first game I ever saw the term used in..

parisagrimesxx Answered:

Hope it helps

S Answered:
Its slang for Newbie.

Sermuga Pandian Answered:
It is a slang term for one who lacks common sense.

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