Noob:Definition of Noob, Nube, N00b, Newb – What does it mean?

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Call of Duty noob Noob:Definition of Noob, Nube, N00b, Newb What does it mean?

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So someone called you a noob!

You might have been called a noob during online game playing. What does that mean? Is it an insult? And what can you do to about it?
There a are several variations of the word: noob, newb, nube, n00b (with two zeros) are the main variations. What’s the correct spelling?

Definition of Newb, Noob, Nube and N00b

Let’s first look at the Oxford Dictionary – the number one autority on the English language.
The only officially correct spelling is “noob” none of the other variations are included (yet).

a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet.
early 21st century: from newbie

So there we have the official version. Unfortunately that’s not the whole story. Language is a living and constantly emerging thing, and the Oxford Dictionary is a stuffy old book, sometimes slow to catch up with the real world.

In the online gaming world, especially in games such as Call of Duty, or Halo the word noob is used a lot. Different variations of the word mean quite different things.

Contemporary Definition of Newb, Noob, Nube and N00b

  • Newb: Someone is new to gaming and is very inexperienced and has a low skill level. A newb is typically eager to learn and will listen to advice from more experienced players. He will learn and become better with practice.
  • Noob: Someone who is new to the task, but may have been playing the game for a while. He will not listen to advice, does not have the mental capacity or the interest to learn anything new and is stuck at a low level of skill. Often he is overconfident and annoying to other online players. He lacks any sense of team spirit and will spoil the game for other players. Some say, noobs often type in ALL CAPS and brag about their (unfortunately non-existant) expertise.
  • Nube: Another variation of noob. Generally has the same meaning.
  • N00b: This variation is spelled with 2 zeros for a reason. It shows how little other players think of this lowest form of noob.

If you have been called a noob, nube or n00b – yes you have been insulted! If you have been called a newb, no you have not been insulted.
If the person who insulted you was a n00b himself – no you have not been insulted. N00bs have the annoying habit of calling other players noobs and should just be ignored.

What else is this site about?

The rest of this site is for newbs who enjoy playing the game and are willing to learn and progress.

There’s lots of interesting information, articles, questions and answers and great videos. The site is still being expanded, so bookmark us and come back often.




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